While discolored teeth do not pose an oral health risk, they can still be an important issue to address for some patients. Discoloration can be caused by poor oral hygiene, diet, smoking, age, medication, or trauma. Some patients with good habits and hygiene have genetic factors that can also lead to discoloration. Stained or otherwise discolored teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and thus his or her overall well-being. However, many effective treatment options are available for patients looking to restore their beautiful smile and regain self-confidence.


In-Office Treatments

Regardless of the treatment, whitening involves bleaching teeth to restore them to their original pearly white. Depending on whether the discoloration is on the inside or outside, we may recommend one of the following treatments.

Philips Zoom

The Philips Zoom system utilizes gel and light to improve a patient’s whiteness by up to 8 shades. The procedure has to be administered by a dental health professional, but the results are consistently outstanding.


Using a hydrogen peroxide gel, the Opalescence system penetrates through the enamel to the molecules in the teeth. This whitening option works well for patients with discoloration on the inside of their teeth.

Out-of-Office Treatments

Not all whitening treatments have to be administered by a dentist. The following take-home treatments may be the best option for some patients.

Take-Home Trays

We make a take-home tray system that can be customized for a patient’s individual needs. Other options are available as well, depending on severity and other dental health concerns.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

If professional treatment is too costly, there are many over-the-counter treatments that can be used with a degree of success. Consult us if you are interested in the safe options available to you.

Effective Teeth Whitening in Steamboat

At Steamboat Dental Center, we have extensive experience with various teeth-whitening treatments. We want to work with you to find the option that will provide the best results while keeping your teeth healthy. If you have questions about teeth whitening or want to discuss any other aspect of your oral health, please contact us today. Come see why we are Steamboat Springs’ best oral health provider.