Fillings, crowns, and other basic dental services can correct the majority of oral health problems. But here are some of the issues that require oral surgery.


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The most common oral surgery is performed to remove wisdom teeth from adolescents and young adults. The majority of people simply don’t have room in their mouth for another set of molars, so extraction becomes necessary. Wisdom tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure with relatively minimal complications.

Fractured Tooth

A tooth fractures when a cusp or root breaks in whole or in part. Fractures can vary in length and severity, and are sometimes treatable with root canal therapy. In more severe cases, outpatient surgery is necessary.

Bone Grafts

Some implants or dentures require bone grafts. During a bone-grafting procedure, synthetic bone is placed onto the existing compromised bone structure. Implants or dentures can then be safely secured to the new bone.


An implant is a replacement for a missing tooth, which is possible when there is adequate bone to support. Dr. Witty has advanced training in working with implants. Thanks to 3D X-ray technology, the procedure can be pre-planned virtually, which ensures a successful outcome.

Reliable Oral Surgery in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Dental Center performs oral surgery procedures, orthodontics, and general dentistry services for a growing family of patients in the Steamboat Springs area. If you are in need of substantial oral health treatment, or if you just need a regular cleaning, Steamboat Dental Center has an experienced oral health team ready to assist. See why we are Steamboat Springs’ number one oral health provider.