Good smiles can contribute to a person’s happiness, relationships, and self-esteem. Some people, though, are uncomfortable with their smile because of tooth loss, tooth decay, or discoloring. Some even experience discomfort or pain because of tooth loss or decay.

To help our patients with these concerns, Steamboat Dental Center offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry options and procedures to restore their smile, oral health, and self-confidence.


Options for Missing Teeth

In addition to the oral health concerns, missing teeth can also cause discomfort and embarrassment. Regardless of which teeth are missing, there are solutions offered by Steamboat Dental Center to give you a great smile again.


One option is to replace a missing tooth by inserting three porcelain teeth—one in the gap and two on either side.


Implants can be a good option if there is enough bone under the missing tooth. Implants involve an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the bone and then topped with a porcelain tooth, bridge, or dentures. This is a permanent treatment, and there are potential complications, but implants can be the best option for some patients.


Dentures can replace all or a portion of a person’s teeth. Dentures are generally removable, but they can be implanted in some cases.

Options for Tooth Restoration

More commonly, patients may experience decay of varying severity on their existing teeth. There are a number of treatment options that keep a tooth from becoming unstable or unsalvageable.

White Fillings

Composite fillings, or “white fillings,” are made of a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. They can be used to fill areas of decay or to shape or whiten.


Crowns are used when the outer structure of a tooth is compromised. The tooth is filed down, and the outer shell is replaced with a cosmetic “crown.” A crown is customized to fit a person’s bite and exhibit the same visual characteristics of a normal tooth.

Onlays & Inlays

This treatment is used to replace damaged or compromised molars. If one or more of a molar’s cusps is missing, an onlay can replace it. If the inside of the molar is decaying, an inlay can restore the integrity of the tooth.

Smile, Steamboat!

At Steamboat Dental Center, we want all of our patients to be comfortable with their oral health and appearance. If you desire a cosmetic dentistry procedure, don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call. We will discuss the many options you have and find the perfect way to restore your smile.